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Drug possession charges: under the Criminal Code

Possession, possession for trafficking, trafficking, production, importing and exporting drugs are all considered offences per the Criminal Code. If you’re arrested for any of the above, it’s vital you contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. They’ll confirm your rights and guide you.

Whatever charges are being pressed against you, they can have serious consequences on your life. For in-depth analysis of police and legal procedures applied to your case, call Martine Thibodeau. She’ll carefully and rigorously review and evaluate your situation in order to build the best case possible in your defense.

Need a criminal lawyer located in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges or Valleyfield area who can properly handle a drug possession case and understands what’s involved in building a solid defense? Martine Thibodeau is the attorney you’re looking for.

What you need to know about the Criminal Code



If you’re arrested for drug possession or any other related offence, you have the right to an criminal law attorney for your defense.


Criminal record

Even if you’re arrested for a small amount of drugs, you could still be subject to having a criminal record. Besides negatively affecting your chances of getting a job, a criminal record also keeps you from entering the United States.


Choose an experienced lawyer

Being accused of drug possession per the Criminal Code can have major repercussions on your life. Besides a criminal record, being jailed is a distinct possibility. For optimal defence and complete understanding of your rights, make sure you hire an experienced, criminal and penal law attorney.

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