The fee for a
criminal lawyer

The various billing methods of criminal attorney Martine Thibodeau

Payment for a lawyer who practices criminal law will vary depending on a number of criteria, including the lawyer’s expertise, experience and skills, as well as the complexity of the case. As a member of the Bar of Quebec, Martine Thibodeau, an attorney specializing in criminal law, is professionally obligated to charge fair and reasonable legal fees.

Ms. Thibodeau always collects an advance payment to open your case, as well as additional fees as the case progresses.

She can receive payment in two different ways:

  • Through flat-rate legal fees
  • Through legal aid mandates

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    Flat-rate legal fees

    This fee is an overall amount established in advance, which the client must pay the lawyer at each stage of the legal proceedings. To open a case, the attorney will request an advance, as determined by the complexity of the case. This fee must include, for instance, the costs of any jurisprudential research.

    The various fees charged by a criminal lawyer

    A criminal attorney may charge supplemental fees, including fees for experts and bailiff fees for serving certain notices. These documents may include, for example, formal notices or subpoenas to witnesses for the defense.

    Martine Thibodeau, a lawyer specializing in criminal law, will always keep you informed as to whether you’ll need to pay such supplemental fees or not.

    Legal aid mandates

    After an appointment at the legal aid office in your region, if it is determined that you are eligible, Ms. Thibodeau can represent you. She will receive a legal aid mandate assigning her specifically to your case.

    Legal aid is a public service offered to low-income individuals. If you need legal advice or need to defend yourself against criminal charges but don’t have sufficient means to pay the legal fees, you may be eligible for legal assistance with or without a copayment, as established by the legal aid office.

    This public legal service is available free of charge or at reduced rates to qualifying residents of Quebec.

    Criminal attorney Martine Thibodeau accepts legal aid mandates for certain cases. Within this framework, she will provide you with high-quality legal services—from legal advice to representation in court, if necessary.

    To find out how much legal assistance may cost you, you can consult the different tiers of eligibility for legal aid here.

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