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Prosecution of fraud, ask lawyer in fraud charges

Whether you’re accused of identify theft, financial, business or even fiscal fraud, rest assured that we know how to defend your rights, regardless of the situation.

Being accused of fraud of any nature can carry a heavy weight on your reputation and life. If you’re accused of fraudulent behavior, the first and most important thing to do is hire a lawyer to handle your case. Criminal attorney Martine Thibodeau understands the criminal law system and is experienced with fraud cases.

Reputed for her unwavering commitment to defending her clients, Martine Thibodeau offers flexible, in-depth defense that adapts to your needs. Experienced in fraud, she competently protects the rights of those accused and builds solid cases in their defense.

If you need a solid defense team for a fraud accusation, look no further. Contact our office in Valleyfield or in Vaudreuil.

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