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If you’re charged with possession of drugs, driving under the influence, domestic violence, fraud or any other criminal law offence, you need fast, competent intervention from a criminal defence lawyer..

Legal assistance that’s adapted to your needs

Should you be arrested, criminal lawyer Martine Thibodeau is available 24/7 to offer sound, competent advice and the legal services required in order to defend your rights. Several criminal law services are offered to meet your needs. We also accept Legal Aid mandates.

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Impeccable legal representation for criminal law cases.

DUI - driving under the influence

alcool au volant

Drug possession or trafficking

possession de drogue


voie de fait


autres cas droit criminel

Domestic violence

violence conjugale

Breaking and entering

introduction par effraction

Theft & handling of stolen goods

vol et recel

Other criminal law offences


Why contact attorney Martine Thibodeau


Thorough and meticulous preparation

Being well prepared for court can make all the difference in a trial and we understand this. Thorough, meticulous pre-trial prep work entails getting all relevant information that will properly prepare you when it’s time to appear before a judge. No holes, no surprises.


24 hour availability

If you’ve been arrested, you want to be able to contact a professional right away and being available, round-the-clock, for those in the Valleyfield or Vaudreuil-Soulanges surrounding areas, is a priority. Legal assistance can be offered in other cases if the need arises.


Continued support

Having to go through a trial can be very stressful for many and it’s normal. We’re compassionate and supportive of our clients, every step of the way. Indeed, every step is carefully explained and you’re accompanied up to your trial and beyond. Competent and reassuring legal support go hand-in-hand and we’re there to do the best job possible.

An experienced member of the Bar since 1990.

A bachelor of criminology and law, attorney Martine Thibodeau has worked in penal and criminal law since 1990, helping many clients obtain a favorable outcome for their trials.

You can come meet us at either of our locations in Valleyfield or Vaudreuil.


Martine Thibodeau, an experienced lawyer

Regardless of the criminal charges brought against you, Martine Thibodeau, a bachelor of law and criminology and an experienced member of the Bar since 1990, is the professional you’ll need to defend your rights and obtain the best outcome. With extensive criminal law experience in both the Valleyfield and Vaudreuil areas, this bilingual attorney is highly skilled in preparing her clients for court and putting together a strong defence.

Faced with juvenile delinquency? We can represent your teen in the most professional manner, helping to obtain better leniency and justice so the future can be bright and hopeful. Building a solid case if of utmost importance if you want positive results. We’re thorough and meticulous when it comes to gathering evidence and preparing clients to appear in court.

Martine Thibodeau - une avocate d’expérience