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Criminal law attorney

Traffic offenses

Impaired driving (by drugs or alcohol)

Dangerous driving

Hit and run

Refusal to take a breathalyzer test

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Drug charges

Drug possession

Drug traffic

Drug production

Drug import or export

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Charge of assault

Verbal abuse / Threats

Assault or assault with a weapon

Domestic violence

Weapons offenses

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Theft and fraud



All types of fraud

Forced entry


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Sex crimes

Sexual assault

Indecent actions/ Exhibitionism

Sexual harassment


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Impeccable criminal law defence

Perhaps you’ve been accused of drug possession, driving under the influence or even sexual assault. These are all serious matters and you want to make sure you understand every step of the legal process, accompanied by a skilled, knowledgeable attorney who cares about your case.

Criminal law covers most infractions that are related to the criminal code and highway safety laws. All punishable behaviours are viewed as such if they impede proper functioning of societal rules, established to maintain law and order. If you need specialized assistance, criminal law attorney Martine Thibodeau can help.

Legal services adapted to your needs

Appearing in court can have serious consequences on a person’s life. Whether you’re charged with a criminal or penal offence, whether you’re an adult or a minor, Martine Thibodeau has extensive, successful experience defending clients in court.

In fact, you’ll be supported and accompanied throughout the entire legal process for the following offences:

  • Drinking and driving
  • Drugs (possession or trafficking)
  • Assault /domestic violence
  • Misdemeanour
  • Breaking and entering
  • Theft / fraud / handling stolen property
  • Other offences

An experienced criminal and penal lawyer

A bachelor of criminology and law, attorney Martine Thibodeau has worked in penal and criminal law since 1990, helping many clients obtain a favorable outcome for their trials. If you’re faced with charges, don’t hesitate to call.

Passionate about criminal and penal law, Martine Thibodeau is committed to defending her clients with all the determination one would hope to have on behalf of their attorney. Professional, fair, available and compassionate, you have the best ally on your side when hiring Martine Thibodeau. Regardless of the nature of your accusations, you’ll be handled with care and skillfully taken through all the steps with clear explanations regarding the legal process. Working with people going through trying situations requires adaptability and compassion and the ability to find proper solutions, no matter what. Highly experienced in criminal and penal law, Ms. Thibodeau has the knowledge and expertise required to offer the best advice, strategies and preparation for your court appearance.


Juvenile delinquency

Knowing your child is accused of a crime can be very stressful and concerning. Juvenile delinquency should not be taken lightly and you need proper representation. Martine Thibodeau believes that verdicts showing both leniency and justice can contribute to improving a minor’s hope for a bright, problem-free future.


Bilingual service

Working in both the Valleyfield and Vaudreuil areas, Martine Thibodeau knows populations are changing and makes a point of offering bilingual services so she can assist as many people as possible. You don’t have to forego having an experienced criminal lawyer, just because language is a barrier. Visit one of our offices or call to make an appointment.


Emergencies 24/7

Arrests and accusations don’t always happen at convenient office hours. No worries. Martine Thibodeau understands this and is available at all times should you need instant involvement and assistance to defend your rights.

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